Montana Skies as seen by Kim

     Summer…In Montana, the sky tells us a story.

    Montana…as I go through each day, I am reminded daily to be thankful for what has been provided in this life of mine, sunshine, the landscape, the people, the relationships I have, and where I live … Montana.

    As you can see through my  camera lens, Montana skies in the summer are the most glorious thing to see, they are ever changing, bright and big on the open land, with miles of solitude and nothing but the big open sky and rugged earth either on the plains or in the mountains, it gives you a sense of isolation and peace at times, sometimes sadness for all that we have seen and lost in years gone by. This -As seen by a glimpse of life for Kim in Montana. You see, I live and work in the area and am constantly reminded each day to take a minute, look around and just breathe in the beauty of the city and the surrounding area. You see we share this space in our lives with other people  and wildlife sometimes mixed together but for the most part separate. In my daily life, I see deer running down the streets, eating or sleeping  in the flowerbeds along with squirrels racing to and fro, foxes and sometimes peppy le pew….whew and that’s just in town…For Helena, where I reside, it is the capital of the state, a smaller, quaint town with plenty of outdoor activities, there is fishing in some of the best fisheries in the state or water skiing if that is what you enjoy,trail running, hiking, biking the trails, golfing walking or just relaxing in the sunshine. Downtown has an old town feel with brick walkways, cool little shops and plenty of history. There really is something for everyone if you look around.  I was told recently that Helena was too slow… well I will take slow anyday.

    I can’t think of a better place to spend my summers.

    As my life evolves and things change one thing remains the same, the constant in my life, my community. Home…. Montana

    As seen by Kim

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    Kim Fank

    Kim Fank, Marketer, Coordinator and Team-Real Estate Broker in Helena, Montana. Educated in Commercial Arts and Marketing. Kim has a background in the Lithographic Industry. Kim has been a Real Estate agent since 2008. Kim enjoys working with Clients to provide them optimal client services. Kim and her Husband and partner in Real Estate have been working together as a team for years even prior to becoming Real Estate Agents. Kim and Keith owned and operated a franchised retail footwear company. They reside in Helena.

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